WiNatLab concept

Real incubator of collective intelligence, the
WiNatLab platform pursues 3 objectives:

  1. Accelerate the development of new
    actifs natural assets

    by eliminating the obstacles present during the deployment of the innovation to allow a faster access to markets.

  2. Strengthen the performance of Natural actors with value-creating solutions.

  3. To develop innovative and more environmentally friendly technologies in the field of high-value plant
    raw material extraction.

  • Assets on the topic of environmental responsibility and naturalness

    The WiNatLab platform acts as a real promoter of green extraction technologies. On the one hand, Tournaire Equipment develops its own solutions that are more respectful of the Man and the environment, such as, for example, subcritical water extraction, which makes it possible to be free of certain petrochemical solvents. On the other hand, WiNatLab partners bring a strong expertise in terms of green extraction with innovative processes and technologies such as:

    • – Agro-based solvent alternative to hexane
    • – Microwave, ultrasound
    • – Etc

    All of its processes and technologies are aimed at improving the naturalness of the extracts produced.

  • CSR commitments and/or acquired labels

    Tournaire Equipment’s management has always been committed to creating and maintaining close and trusting partnerships with all its stakeholders. It is therefore very natural that the company has moved towards formalizing its actions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility based on the principles of ISO 26000. This approach has been recognized by several evaluations according to the EcoVadis reference system (Silver grade) and by an on-site audit according to the “Together for sustainability” reference system: with a score of 91/100.

  • Modernity and wealth of technology

    From the simple steam distillation unit to the complex subcritical water extraction unit, WiNatLab provides its customers with a wide range of technologies specialized in the processing of high value-added natural raw materials. Accessible within the same testing platform, these technologies allow our customers to compare and target the technology that will best suit their application. The machine park offers known and proven technologies for which new process parameters can be applied, such as the use of green solvents. At the same time, very recent technologies, also present on the platform, allow developments at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Innovation capacity

    The launch of the WiNatLab platform follows the creation of the Tournaire Equipment SAS subsidiary, whose objective is to reinforce Tournaire Equipment’s position as a leader in complete solutions for the processing of high value-added natural materials. It is indeed essential for Tournaire to redeploy a dynamic of technological innovation and to accentuate its process expertise with its customers. In a way, it is a question of progressively evolving from “kitchen specialist” to “star chef” in order to contribute more widely to the growth of the Natural market, with an “à la carte” service offer.

  • Economic profitability

    The economic profitability of an innovation depends on the control of its development process. This is what the WiNatLab seeks to provide with its partners in collaborative mode, oriented towards performance, and what Nature & Technologies proposes to pursue by optimizing the CAPEX and OPEX of the chosen solution. Thanks to the R&D work carried out within the WiNatLab and the choice of appropriate technology for your innovation, Nature & Technologies will be able to accelerate the APS and APD study phases, thus gaining several weeks on the implementation schedule of your industrial unit. Nature & Technologies will also be able to build with WiNatLab customers a performance commitment on the quality and yields expected and tested during the scale-up on the platform.

  • All these elements are key points of the “time-to-market” concept which, from the design, through the realization and operation of the industrial tool, extends to the marketing of the product.

    It should be noted that to implement the solution developed on the platform, you retain the choice to continue with Nature & Technologies or to look for another industrial partner. This point is perfectly integrated in our service concept, both WiNatLab and Nature & Technologies.

The WiNatLab®Team

  • Franck Bardini

    Director of Operations Tournaire Equipment

  • Nicolas Tétard

    Global technical sales manager

  • Karine Condo

    Commercial Assistant

  • Ninon Octobon

    Marketing Assistant

  • Timothée Rohart

    Project Manager

  • Romain Poletti

    Project manager

  • Vincent Chondrayannis

    Project manager

  • Léa Chaminade

    Industrialization Laboratory Assistant

The WiNatLab®partners

  • Alexander Novitskiy

    CEO and co-founder of Nova Extraction

  • Loïc Loffredo

    Technical Director for Botanicert

  • Fabrice de Panthou

    Founder of Health & Beauty Innovation

  • Frédéric Vandenbussche

    CEO of IDCO

  • Norbert Patouillard

    Sales and Marketing Director for Pennakem (EcoXtract)

WiNatLab® Privacy Policy

General philosophy

The WiNatLab collaborative platform enriches its know-how thanks to the different projects that feed it, like a lawyer acquiring new skills and reinforcing his experience as he defends cases, and this, in complete confidentiality. Likewise, the WiNatLab platform offers a high level of confidentiality in the projects it handles.

With its unique entry point, the WiNatLab platform secures your projects on the whole value chain of innovation deployment. It avoids the multiplication of secrecy agreements between the different stakeholders, since each partner is already under an agreement within the platform.

Our clients also retain the total freedom to choose the level of collaboration they want within the platform. It can be a “one-to-one” exchange with the target partner, or an opening to several, or even all the players of the platform. This last option favors exchanges, sharing and contribution of skills, which are essential to the notion of acceleration carried by WiNatLab.

In a very practical way, all the projects are managed in a secure way, including the coding of client names, material names, etc… During the realization of tests, only one entity outside the WiNatLab is authorized. That is to say only one client. IT tools are also set up for the management of opportunities and projects in progress, with respect to each partner.

Each partner is also a signatory of the WiNatLab Good Practices