Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to perform a test on a material that is not of natural origin. Are you able to do it?

    The WiNatLab laboratory is dedicated to the study of the processing of natural raw materials. Under certain conditions, it is possible to process other types of materials (synthetic, biotechnological, etc.). Please consult us for a case by case study.

  • I would like to move towards a "green" solution for the extraction of an active ingredient. Do you offer this kind of technologies?

    WiNatLab offers a wide range of processes and technologies, from the most traditional to the most innovative. Depending on the type of material to be treated and the purpose, we can assist you in developing a process in line with your requirements. It can be :

    • – The traditional method of steam distillation
    • – Solid-liquid extraction without organic solvents using subcritical water
    • – Solid-liquid extraction with agro-sourced solvents
    • – Microwave and/or ultrasonic extraction
    • – Extraction by supercritical CO2

    In parallel, Tournaire Equipement offers services for the study of energy consumption reduction.

  • What is the waiting time between the request and the start of a study or a test? (Preparation)

    Whether it is a study, a laboratory test, analyses or a pilot test, the minimum waiting period is about three weeks. Additional time may be added depending on the availability of the teams and the tests/trials already planned. Exceptionally, if the situation allows it, the waiting period can be shortened.

  • I want to perform a test on a toxic material. Is this possible?

    All test requests are subject to a preliminary study by the Nature & Technologies QSE team, which evaluates, among other things, the hazardousness of the products. Depending on the toxicological profile of the material, special measures are implemented in order to carry out the tests in complete safety.

  • I want to perform a test. Do I have to provide the natural material?

    Except in special cases, the natural material to be treated is provided by the customer. For your information, we are developing an additional sourcing service: this will allow us to provide the natural material for certain tests.

  • Are all the analyses and tests carried out in Grasse ?

    All the tests are performed in the WiNatLab, on the Nature & Technologies site in Grasse. Exceptionally, we may have to perform tests outside Grasse because some units are only available, for the moment, from our partners, some of which are located outside Grasse.

  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of the exchanges and tests performed at WiNatLab ?

    Nature & Technologies and its WiNatLab partners pay particular attention to the confidentiality of the tests performed within the platform. We systematically propose to our customers to sign a bilateral confidentiality agreement including all the actors. Thus, the results are protected.

  • Is it possible to benefit from performance guarantees on Nature & Technologies by carrying out tests?

    One of the specificities of the tests performed within the WiNatLab platform is to identify the optimum operating parameters of the process to be implemented. The level of performance achieved can be the subject of a commitment by Nature & Technologies when sizing an industrial production unit.

  • I would like to rent one of your pilot equipment. Is this possible ?

    Some pilot equipment, such as the subcritical water extraction unit, may be available for rental. To know the rental terms, please contact our sales department.

  • I would like to purchase a pilot size equipment like the WiNatLab. Can you provide me with this type of equipment?

    Yes, we provide equipment to process natural material. Nature & Technologies and its partners are able to design units ranging from pilot size to large capacity industrial installations.

  • I would like to validate a process and move quickly to industrial production. Can you help me ?

    This is the principle of WiNatlab. Our pilot hall will accompany you to validate the technical feasibility and to determine precisely the key parameters of dimensioning and performance of your industrial unit.

  • I have an innovative technology that I cannot find in your pilot plant. I would like to propose it to you. Are you open to a partnership?

    If you have an innovative technology to propose to us, we would be delighted to learn about it and to discuss it with you. Do not hesitate to contact us via the address mail :