Armelle Janody, President of the Association the Fleurs d'Exception du Pays de Grasse

The technical means implemented by Nature & Technologies sublimate
the Rose.

I am Armelle Janody, President of the Association Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse.
Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse is an association of producers of perfume plants in the Grasse area, who have chosen to grow organically and who are all signatories of a charter that advocates solidarity and sharing. The mission of the association is to ensure the promotion and the valorization of the perfume plants, the productions of local perfume plants.

We have many projects and ambitions within this association, and we try as much as possible to share these projects with all the actors of the sector. WiNatLab of TOURNAIRE was a really unexpected opportunity for us to test a number of things on the flowers we grow.

We have had a project within this association for a very long time, it is to produce a good quality rose hydrolate, so that the producers of our association who sell mainly for perfumery, can also have on their domain a certain number of products to sell, including the rose hydrolate. Until now we did not have the means to try, to try something, and WiNatLab has finally allowed us to initiate this project, to do some tests, and to see if we will finally be able to produce our own rose hydrolate.

The first results are extremely promising. We knew that we had a rose of great quality but it seems that the technical means implemented really sublimate this flower and we have feedback which are for the moment extremely positive.

We obviously hope that the final results will be as good as what we have seen so far. If indeed they are up to this level, it will allow us from next year, to produce our own rose hydrolate, that each farmer, producer of perfume plants, will be able to market directly in free sale on his farm.

Since the beginning, Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse has been keen to share its projects with all the actors of the industry. When we find an actor who agrees to accompany us in our projects, it is obviously a celebration. This was the case with Nature & Technologies teams who were really curious about our productions, very welcoming, who really made their tools available and we hope of course that this partnership will have a nice future.