This grant comes at the right time as it will allow us to continue the acceleration of the platform which started with an investment of more than one million euros from TOURNAIRE SA

Intervention of Franck Bardini, Director of Operations of TOURNAIRE EQUIPEMENT of the ADF Group. France Relance” grant, Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

The WiNatLab concept, which was launched a few months ago, consists in bringing together on the same platform all the actors of the Natural sector in order to bring to our customers a capacity to accelerate their innovations on the market of natural plant extractions.

This grant comes at the right time because it will allow us to continue the acceleration of the platform which started with an investment of TOURNAIRE SA of more than one million euros. This grant of two hundred and thirty thousand euros allows us to immediately start, to accelerate the repositioning and the development of the platform on an important part since we are going to speak about Phase 3, thus industrial scale up, semi-industrial, in which we are going to complete the device accessible to our customers with a complementary stainless steel molecular distillation and also a polyvalent extraction unit on the extraction and rectification part which are important compounds to answer the stakes of the regulations which are moving at the European level.
We are also going to invest in the design of pilot units that we will position at the level of Phase 2 R&D to accelerate the link between Phase 2 and Phase 3 of scale up. So these pilots will consist of pilots around extraction solvents, around subcritical and around microwave technology.

Thank you! Thank you because this trust is a key element to boost this WiNatLab platform and what we are going to do with all the actors of the territory to position our offer in France, internationally, in a relevant way. Thank you to them, because we could see and I could also see the efficiency of the whole chain and all its elected officials at the level of the Southern Region who were extremely attentive and extremely in expertise with us to ensure that our file is relevant in the subsidiary of investments and subsidies. So thank you obviously to them for this collaboration and the pleasure we had to work together for this file. A special thank you… it’s difficult because everyone contributed…, but a special thank you to the Pays de Grasse, to the Agglomération de Communauté de Grasse, to the Mayor of Grasse Jérôme Viaud who personally supported our file with the Region, with Renaud Muselier with letters that showed the commitment of the Region and the Territory of Grasse on this project