Expertise Partner

Analysis of plant-based products

& support for 
the industrialization of a product


A vast database and a unique technology 
for the analytical control of
plant-based products and their valorisation

Stages of industrialization of a plant-based product

  • 1
    • To accompany in the conception 
      of the project
      , to find the plants of interest, in agreement with the relative regulations
  • 2
    • Study the chemical composition 
      of the target species to establish their potential and determine the design of the extraction protocol
  • 3
    • Perform laboratory scale extracts
      prior to the semi-pilot trials and select the most suitable extract through analysis
  • 4
    • Perform in-vitro
      activity tests adapted to the product requirements
  • 5
    • Formulate and validate the formula
  • 6
    • Prepare the toxicological files
  • Follow-up of steps in GO/NO GO

  • Subject to the CIR

  • Member of grasse expertise

Value Chain WiNatLab®

Loïc Loffredo

Technical Director for Botanicert