Steam distillation

Interview of Ashraf Oussidi

for Nature & Technologies

1 – Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Ashraf Oussidi, sales and marketing assistant of Nature & Technologies, which is an expert in the treatment of natural materials.

2 – Can you introduce the process of steam distillation?

The steam distillation process allows the production of essential oils, but also floral water and hydrosols. These essential oils can be used in different industries, for example basil essential oil which can be found in the food flavoring sector of the one of the eucalyptus which can be used in the pharmaceutical/health sector.

3 – How does steam distillation work?

The principle of steam distillation is to pass a flow of water vapor through the natural material. So the vapor will detach the aromatic molecules and it will drive them into a capacitor. So water vapors and aromatic molecules will then be condensed, turn into liquid and be collected in an essencier.

4 – What is the benefit of this steam process?

This allows aromatic extracts of natural materials, in addition to that, this allows to keep the naturalness of the product.

5 – Who is this type of test intended for?

It is a simple equipment to operate, therefore it is accessible to many perfume and aroma companies, but also cosmetic and pharmaceutical/health sector.

6 – What is Tournaire Equipment’s advice?

Each natural material is unique and requires special treatment, for that Tournaire has developed a wide range of stills. We find two types of processes : the steam distillation where the principle is to inject water vapor into the natural material, and the second is hydro-distillation where the goal is to put natural matter in a water bath which is brought to a boil. We are capable of more technical distillations like vacuum distillation, distillation under pressure or with powders.