Custom testing with the WiNatLab® plateform

Interview of Timothée Rohart

for Nature & Technologies

1 – Can you introduce yourself ?

I’m Timothé Rohart, process manager at Nature & Technologies, in charge of the WiNatLab pilot hall platform, and I’m going to present you the custom tests that can be performed within this platform.

2 – What is a custom test?

A custom test is a test for which we don’t have all the necessary technologies in the WiNatLab. In WiNatLab, we have about ten extraction and purification technologies but in some cases, this is not enough, so we will set up a pilot dedicated to this test and we will eventually go and get some equipment that is not available, typically filtration systems, decantation systems that we will set up for a specific test.

3 – The advantage of a custom test?

The advantage of a custom test is that we will get as close as possible to what we can analyze industrially, rather than extrapolating from equipment that is not necessarily very well adapted, we will get as close as possible to what we can achieve industrially. On these customized trials, we are really going to be in phase 3, i.e. pilot hall trials and phase 4 of industrialization, because we are going to set up an installation, a pilot that will be as close as possible to industrialization, and then these trials are aimed at all types of market players, from start-ups to well-established companies, and on all types of markets, from cosmetics, perfumery, nutraceuticals…

4 – Any advice before starting out?

Our advice before starting a trial-on-demand is to have done the preliminary phases, either within your company or within WiNatLab, so that the trial-on-demand, which requires a lot of preparation and therefore higher costs, is successful quickly.