Solvent Extraction

Interview of Timothée Rohart

for Nature & Technologies

1 – Introduce yourself

Hello, I am Timothée Rohart, I am a Project Engineer at Nature & Technologies, the expert in the treatment of plant materials. I work in the Sales Department to support clients in defining their needs and offer them the right equipment for their processes.

2 – Can you introduce the process of solvent-extraction?

Solvent-extraction makes possible to search for aromatic molecules in plant materials and active molecules for the perfume, aroma and pharmaceutical/health industries.

3 – How does solvent-extraction work?

Solvent-extraction consists of bringing the plant material into contact with an organic or green solvent, this will make it possible to migrate the molecules from the plant material towards the solvent. Then we will filter this solvent which is full of molecules of interest and we finish with an evaporation phase in order to concentrate the molecules that interest us into what becomes the finishes product of the extraction process.

4 – What is the benefit of this solvent-extraction test?

The benefit of doing an extraction test at Nature & Technologies, is to validate the extraction yields, know the process parameters, and know the quality of the final extract.

5 – Who is this type of test intended for?

This type of test is intended for all companies in the perfume, flavoring, food ingredients, cosmetic and pharmaceutical/health industries. We can do tests on known materials in order to optimize the parameters, as well as on new products, new materials.