Rectification - Fractionnement

Interview of Nicolas Tetard

for Tournaire Equipement

1 – Can you introduce yourself ?

I am Nicolas Tetard, Sales Manager at Tournaire Equipment. Tournaire Equipment, the reference in the design of solutions for the treatment of natural materials with high added value.

2 – Can you present the rectification-splitting process?

The rectification process, also called splitting, is a process that refines products like essential oils. It’s the same process as oil refining. We play on the difference in boiling point of the different components of a product, to separate them.

3 – How is the rectification – splitting done?

The principle of fractionation is to start from a composant that we will bring to a boil. There will be steam formation, these steams will be conducted in a column, which is packed, and this column will balance the heavy products and the light products. We will find at the head of the column the light products while heavy products will end up at the bottom of the column. We just come to take the lightest products at the head of the column, as things progress, which allows us to separate light products from heavy products.

4 – What is the benefit of doing a rectification – splitting test?

The benefit of doing a rectification test on the WiNatLab platform is to know the yiels that you will end up with this process, feasibility also, and Tournaire supports you on the sizing of an efficient industrial unit which will allow you to get the product you want at the end.

5 – What is this type of test for?

This type of testing is aimed at manufacturers and also new entrants who wish to test this process. It can be people who works in the field of cosmetics, aromas, perfumery, pharmacy/health and you should know this process is also used in other fields like synthetic chemistry, biotechnologies and so on…

6 – What is Tournaire Equipment’s advice?

What’s really interesting with the WiNatLab platform is that you can benefit from all the developments that have been achieved by Tournaire Equipment over the years, especially on the rectification process. For example, the use of a falling-flow heating system which has the advantage of reducing the impact of temperature on the finished product, the rectification can take many hours and the product, if subjected to a high temperature, will degrade.