Tournaire Equipment

More than 180-year expertise in precious raw materials processing equipment (design, commissioning and servicing)

Creation of Tournaire
  • 1833

    Joseph Tournaire establishes his craft activity in a small workshop in Grasse

  • 1950

    Deployment in the pharmaceutical agrochemical markets

International expansion & technology portfolio broading
  • 1961

    The first floating-filter extractor was designed by Gilbert Tournaire and installed in the TOMBAREL perfumery in Grasse

  • 1970

    Development of export and entry into the Asian and Middle Eastern markets

  • 1984

    First supercritical CO2 extraction unit and first Agitated Filtering Bottom Extractor, a technology with a significant reduction of the ecological footprint

  • 1992

    First automatic Filtering Bottom Extractor

  • 1994

    First dryer for pharmaceuticals delivered to SOCHINAZ

  • 2000

    First complete automated turnkey unit

  • 2010

    First pilot subcritical water extractor. Patented

Development of services
  • 2015

    Arrival of Franck Bardini as COO

  • 2019

    Preparation of the spin-off of the equipment business, incorporated into and legal entity : Tournaire Equipment SAS. Effective spin-off completed January 1st 2020

  • 2020

    Launch of WiNatLab, a collaborative intelligence solution to reduce clients’ time-to-market

  • 2021

    Tournaire Equipement rejoint le groupe ADF au mois de juillet 2021

Founded in Grasse in 1833, Tournaire was originally specialized in natural raw material processing equipment.

Through several phases of mechanization (1950), industrialization (1960) and automation (1980), Tournaire Equipment has been able to design and manufacture new units to broaden its unique and innovative portfolio.

Recently, Tournaire Equipment put a strong focus on Natural market applications and development of new tailored services solutions.

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