Preliminary Validation

A personalized accompaniment around 2 axes

  • Positioning products and market development strategy
  • A vast database and a unique technology for the analytical control of plant-based products and their valorisation
  • Tournaire Equipement
  • Partners
  • Clients' expertise

Phase 1 Preliminary Validation is the upstream phase of an innovation project. It offers a global view of the opportunities and interest in developing a particular asset. This first phase allows you to understand the market, the competition, the existing regulatory constraints and the patents filed, in order to define an original development axis for your new asset. It allows to prioritize the orientation and the positioning on the market. In the end, it is a matter of looking your market straight in the eye.

The support offered to you through the WiNatLab collaborative platform consists here, thanks to our partner network, in carrying out :

  • – A synthesis of the state of the art around the asset and/or the plant studied
  • – A research of current and future opportunities on the target markets
  • – A validation of the acquired knowledge
  • – A search for patents already filed
  • – A pre-feasibility study
  • – Then to propose and evaluate the scientific approach for the next phase of R&D (phase 2)

Your role

The WiNatLab platform proposes an “à la carte” offer to support the deployment of your innovation strategy. You are the one who is in control by selecting the bricks that will be used to build the WiNatLab support offer.

WiNatLab intervenes where you need it by removing the barriers to the development of your new natural assets.

After signing a WiNatLab confidentiality agreement, we will carry out together an exhaustive review of your project. According to the directions you wish to give it, we will define with you a progress plan on the project. We will be able to give you as we go along the preliminary phase the key points for which you will decide on the next steps (Go/No go system) – This will accelerate the development of your new assets.

Functional ingredients

Role of our partners

WiNatLab’s “expertise” partners support you in this first phase of preliminary validation by providing you with the key elements that will allow you to access the next phases. Each partner is at the forefront of its field of expertise.

As far as market research is concerned, Health and Beauty Innovation (HBI) guides you on the specificities of the markets and implications of your project, as well as on the positioning of your innovation, by providing a panorama of the competition and a detailed understanding of the needs and expectations of the target markets. This may involve providing an overview of the entire industry for a producer of active ingredients for hair care or defining a market access strategy for a producer of plant extracts. Other examples are to validate business opportunities for a producer of micro-algae or to enhance the value of agricultural co-products for actors in the cosmetics.

The company BotaniCERT, meanwhile, has a recognized expertise on the analysis of plant and plant in general. It puts its know-how at your service to accompany you on bibliographic research related to the plant studied. It determines with you the most suitable “market” targets with all the associated constraints, including patents in force, regulatory constraints, etc.

In this first phase of preliminary validation, the company BotaniCERT evaluates the feasibility of the project and allows to prioritize the orientation and positioning on the market. Depending on the field of application revealed by the study and according to the markets and regions targeted, it determines which regulation(s) to focus on.

Other partners, in the process of qualification, will soon be able to reinforce the expertise offered within the first preliminary validation phase of WiNatLab. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to join WiNatLab as an expert partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to conduct a market study on an active ingredient for cosmetic purposes?

    It takes about 2 to 3 months because the study is carried out step by step, building up knowledge of the market as it goes along.

  • I have a sample of a plant whose potential I would like to know. How can you help me?

    First, we carry out a quick analysis, like a “glance”, of the sample to discover :

    • – Interesting molecules
    • – Interesting activities

    By comparing and completing this analysis with our internal and external bibliographic resources, we can then determine the possible applications:

    • – Cosmetic
    • – Nutraceutical
    • – Aromatic
    • – …

    Sometimes, no application is possible because the development would be too complex. We stop here.

  • I want to start an R&D project but I don't have access to the plant I'm interested in. Can you source this plant for me?

    In the framework of an R&D project, WiNatlab offers a plant sourcing service, for small quantities, thanks to its network of partners.