Jérôme Viaud, Maire de la ville de Grasse, Vice-Président Département 06, Président de la Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Grasse félicite l’équipe de Nature et Technologies – Groupe ADF.

Bienvenue à Groupe ADF que nous accompagnerons pour la promotion de la « Naturalité » sur le territoire du Pays de Grasse.

Grant  » France Relance « , Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

It was important for the Pays de Grasse Agglomeration Community to be present at this major event. This meeting is in line with the territory’s economic development strategy. We want to reindustrialize this territory, to generate strength around this ecosystem, around both the manufacture of perfumes, flavors, but also for the naturalness cluster. It was obvious that we had to stand by its actors, by these ambitions for the territory and that the Agglomeration Community, whose primary mission is economic development, could show its support.

Nature et Technologies was looking for a partner, ADF Group today is that partner, with a reputation, with a quality that is confirmed. It is important that we can support but also ask that the activity remains in Grasse, in the Grasse area. I believe that it is important for the inhabitants of this territory, for the fiscal and economic dynamism of this territory, and for the company that will claim to belong to a territory, an ecosystem, and it is in this sense that we wanted to make these links.

Naturalness is something that, as we can all see, is coming back to the heart of the final consumer’s concerns. The final consumer wants to consume less but better, he is attached to the content of what he buys, and naturalness is a more competitive element if I may say. Before, we used to try to produce in the four corners of the world, trying to reduce the cost of raw materials as much as possible. Today, we are attached to a « storytelling », to a story, to a way of transforming the product, to belonging to the region, and naturalness is, in any case, part of the competitive advantage that Grasse offers to the region of Grasse and the Grasse area. So I think that this will allow us to keep a lead on these subjects, it will allow us to perform on these subjects, and Grasse is clearly positioned on this naturalness segment, which I believe is a segment of the future and in which we will make the difference with other territories.